Photography and Holocaust Rememberance day - What's The Connection

Yom Hazikaron laShoah ve-laG’vurah, or Holocaust Remembrance Day, is a solemn day in Israel, a day that marks the memory of the six million Jews who were murdered during the Holocaust. On this day, ceremonies are held across the country to honor the victims, and a two-minute siren is sounded at 10 A.M, bringing everything to a halt as we remember the atrocities committed during this dark time in our history.


The Holocaust is one of the darkest chapters in Jewish history, and it serves as a reminder of the importance of documenting our history.

The Jewish people have been through numerous brutal prosecutions over the years at the hands of the  Romans, Mohammed and his army, Crusaders, the Spanish Inquisition, Kossacks, and much more unfortunately but none of those were documented like the Holocaust if at all. 

The pictures that the Nazis took of soldiers shaving beards off Jewish men, mass graves, and all the other atrocities that they committed make it much more real for us. When learning about incidents that happened hundreds of years ago through words on paper compared to seeing actual photographic evidence causes one to connect to it on another level. It preserves the horrendous tragedies that were inflicted on our people on a much higher magnitude and plays an important role in making sure we NEVER FORGET.  

As an Israeli fine-art photographer, I am passionate about capturing the landscapes and historical sites of Israel. Through my work, I aim to showcase the natural beauty of the land and the rich history and culture of the Jewish people. I believe that photography has the power to preserve the memory of our people and to tell our story to future generations. 

Israel is a land of contrasts, where natural beauty and rich history come together in a seamless tapestry. From the lush green hills of the Galilee to the rugged deserts of the Negev, each region boasts its own unique and breathtaking landscapes that I am privileged to capture through my lens. Fine-art photography is a powerful tool for showcasing not only the beauty of our land but also the fascinating history and culture that date back thousands of years. Whether photographing the ancient city of Jerusalem, the modern metropolis of Tel Aviv, ancient stone ruins, or rolling hills covered in forests overlooking the sunset, the story and history of the Jewish people are woven into every corner of this extraordinary country.

 I am also proud to announce that I'm working on an initiative to use my fine-art photography to fundraise for and support Holocaust survivors. Many survivors today live below the poverty line, struggling to make ends meet, and often having to choose between medication or food. It is heartbreaking to think that after all they have been through, they should have to face such hardship in their later years. Through my photography, I hope to raise awareness and funds to help these survivors live in abundance and dignity.


 Israel is a land of natural beauty, rich history, and diverse culture. Fine-art Israeli photography is a powerful way to showcase the beauty of our land and to tell the story of the Jewish people. On this day of remembrance, we honor the memory of the six million Jews who were murdered during the Holocaust, and we remember the importance of documenting our history and preserving the memory of our people.